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Sharp Air Conditioner 2.25HP Split Cool Inverter with Plasma Cluster AH-XP18SHV

Cooling capacity: 17.980 (BTU/H)
J-Tech Inverter
Eco mode
Plasma cluster ion
Using environmentally friendly Freon (R410a)
5 Years full free warranty

Inverter AC 2.25 HP Cool
Cooling capacity: 17.980 (BTU/H)
J-Tech Inverter
Eco Mode:-
The air conditioner will operate with lower power consumption than usual in this mode with 2 steps by remote control.
Plasma cluster ion:-
Sharp’s unique Plasma cluster technology uses the actions of positive and negative ions to clean up bacteria and viruses inside rooms.
Compressor type: Rotary
Super jet
Powerful jet function
Gentle cool air system

4 Way auto swing:-
Louvers can move up and down, left and right automatically.
Nature wing
Lock on sensor
Baby mode
All-aluminum heat exchanger
7 Shields durability
12 H On/Off Timer
1 H Off Timer
Auto restart function
Best sleep mode
Using environmentally friendly Freon (R410a)
Low noise
Low wattage
Pipe connection length: 3 M

Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) mm:-
Indoor unit: 1006 x 316 x 249
Outdoor unit: 780 x 540 x 269
Warranty: 5 Years full free warranty


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